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Pay your team with easy and accuracy. Run payroll in minutes, and leave the rest to us. Take care of your team and your business, and let us take care of the rest.

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Stay connected to your clients and team, even on the go. The Workmax mobile app allows you to view payslips, track work hours, and record time off.

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Save hours and headaches on HR tasks
Workmax’s HR platform helps you manage and support your team throughout the employee’s life cycle.
Track Your Teams's Work Hours with Ease
Record, approve and sync hours to payroll with ease. Say goodbye to manual tracking methods and embrace simplicity.
Impeccable Benefits and Reimbursements
Keep your employees motivated by providing frictionless reimbursement for expenses and benefits.

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Leslie Alexander

Finance Director at Bomit

Wow! I’m amazed at how Workmax has revolutionized my payroll process. It’s like having a brand new, efficient system in place!

Elanor Pera

HR Manager at BramHR

I’m using @Workmax for payroll. It’s incredibly user-friendly and the setup was a breeze. I can now manage payroll tasks efficiently and in real-time. Plus, it offers numerous integrations which makes it even more convenient.

Edgar Torrey

Senior HR Administrator at BM Logistics

"Workmax's client tracking system has helped us eliminate all paperwork."

Marci Senter

HR Lead at AmurDigital

What I appreciate about @Workmax is that it’s a comprehensive payroll solution. I can manage all aspects of payroll in one place, from processing payments to generating reports. The real-time updates and notifications ensure I’m always on top of things.

Pedro Huard

Care Worker at SM Healthcare

I can't believe how easy it is to log my hours and receive payment from the Workmax.

Merrill Kervin

Payroll Director at FxFoods

“Using @Workmax has transformed our payroll workflow. We couldn't be happier.

Run payroll in minutes

Revolutionize your payroll process with our cutting-edge smart technology. In just a matter of minutes, our innovative payroll solution will have your employees paid accurately and on time.

Sync hours with payroll

Are you tired of manually calculating your team’s working hours and payroll? Workmax is here to streamline and simplify the process. With Workmax, you can automatically calculate and sync your team’s hours, holiday time and payroll with one click.

Easily pay & manage your team

Take control of your payroll payments with Workmax’s Plaid integration. Our simple payment processing will make managing your payroll a breeze. Don’t settle for complicated and inefficient payment processing – switch to Workmax now.

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