Save hours and headaches on HR tasks.

Workmax’s HR platform helps you manage and support your team throughout the employee’s life cycle.


Onboarding & off-boarding

Our paperless tools simplify the onboarding and off-boarding processes.

Employee portal

An employee portal for your employees to manage their data.

People analytics

Gain deeper insights into your workforce and optimize productivity.

Document management

Managing your workforce documents is made secure and safe with our system.

Get new hires up to speed faster than ever.

Add a new employee.

Enter your employee’s personal and compensation details. Workmax will send an email to invite the employee to onboard.

The employee gets an onboarding email.

Your employee will get an onboarding email to their email. The employee onboarding experience starts when the employee signs in.

Get notified when an employee completes onboarding.

Get a notification once an employee has completed entering onboarding details. You can start managing your employees.


Improved onboarding experience


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Helping employees every step of the way.

Manage your employees

Org charts, company directors and more make it easier to manage a workforce. Employees can even update their records on their portal, so their information is constantly updated.

Understand your workforce

Our tools will help you improve your business by analysing your workforce.

Assign rights & approvals

Create departments with dedicated teams. Assign managers with viewing rights to manage employee time off requests, hours, expenses, etc.

Simplified off-boarding

Calculate unused time off balances

We calculate used time off balances and sync them with payroll.

Remove employees from company benefits

We will remove the employee from company benefits, and time-off policies will be frozen.


We will mark all terminated employees as leavers in the next pay run, and a P45 will be generated automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HR Software?

Human Resources software is an application used to store and manage your important employee data across payroll, recruiting, onboarding, employee development, and more.

What is the most important factor when beginning my HR journey?

How should I choose the right HR solution for my business?

Choosing the right solution starts with identifying the business problem you are trying to solve. A few common challenges are poor data quality from managing HR in multiple systems, manual processes for documenting HR tasks, and managing changing compliance requirements.

How much does Workmax cost?

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