Track time effortlessly

Track time with ease using Workmax. Record hours, approve timesheets, and automate payroll.

Track time effortlessly

Our Benefits

Mobile App

Our mobile app enables you track your work hours and record your time off.

Real-time notifications

Submit and approve work hours with real-time notifications.

Sync hours with payroll

Managers approve hours and sync with payroll to pay employees quickly.

Client and project time tracking

Track project costs easily by tracking time spent per client and project.

Track hours using our mobile app

Record hours

The employees have the facility to log their worked hours and also request time off.

Approve hours

Managers can easily approve employee hours, time off requests, and view absence calendars.

Sync hours to payroll

With just one click, you can sync your employees’ hours to payroll and pay them instantly.

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Improved time spent


Reduced errors


Hours tracked

Time tracking

Time tracking

Put time tracking on auto-pilot.

Your employees can log their working hours using either the browser or the mobile app at the same time.

Review and approve hours.

Approved hours are instantly synchronized with payroll and you can review timesheets directly within each pay run.

No more manual processes

There are no manual processes and calculations. All hours are tallied and sent to payroll as soon as approved.

Time off requests

Spend less time managing time off requests

Calculate holiday entitlement for employees with varied work schedules and pro-rated employees.

Parental leave policies

Employees can easily record statutory leaves, including SMP and SPP, while Workmax calculates pay.

Real-time Balances

All time-off policy balances are updated in real-time, even for part-time employees with varying schedules.

Client time tracking

Record timesheets for specific clients

Employees can record time by client for easy grouping of timesheets.

Allow clients to approve hours

The client can approve timesheets recorded against them. Invite clients to Workmax to manage hours logged.

Record the time off for a particular client

Employees are able to submit requests for time off related to a particular client, which helps in keeping track of absent employees.

Project time tracking

Transform your plans into actionable tasks on a schedule.

Employees can easily track and categorize the time they spend on specific projects, providing valuable insights into project productivity.

Group timesheets and time off requests by project.

Monitor project costs and identify areas for adjustment in workload, goals, and more.

Support and respect your team’s time

Collaborate across workspaces to track project progress and optimize team productivity by identifying and addressing bottlenecks early.

Project time tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Workmax do time tracking?

Yes. Workmax time tracking features include client time tracking, project time tracking, time off requests and approvals, time off calendar syncing and workforce cost reports

How do I add time tracking to Workmax?

Employees entitled to overtime can record their hourly hours, which are then synced with payroll.

How does project tracking and workforce costing support my job costing needs?

When employees track their hours to projects, you get a breakdown of your workforce cost per project.

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