Provide benefits and reimburse expenses

Our expenses and benefits tools make it easy to motivate your team by providing frictionless reimbursement for expenses and benefits.

Provide benefits and reimburse expenses

Quick and easy

Stay competitive


Paperless admin

Reimburse your employees expenses

Create an expense

Employees can submit expenses through their portal by taking photos of receipts. Once approved, the amount is added to their payslip in real time.

Approve expense.

Managers have the authority to give their approval for expenses. Once approved, the expenses will be paid on the next pay run.

Mark expense as paid

Notify your employees that the expense has been paid.


Compliance help


Advisory services


Friendly support

Streamline your employee benefits

Streamline your employee benefits

Comprehensive benefits

Offer a comprehensive benefits to your employees.

Report your benefits

At the end of the year, Workmax can assist you in submitting all your benefit P11Ds and calculating the liabilities due.

Payroll benefits

Workmax will process the payroll benefits that have been registered with HMRC.

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