Fast, accurate, and effortless payroll.

Paying your team through Workmax is easy and efficient – run your payroll in just a few clicks.

Fast, accurate, and effortless payroll.

Benefits of Workmax Payroll

Advanced and fast

Advanced payroll system ensures efficient and timely payments.

Automated payments

Automated payments to employees​ without manual intervention


Accurate payroll to ensure employee compensation is correct and error-free.


Send your tax documents and pension contributions in a timely manner.

How it works

Run your payroll in minutes.

Pay your team quickly and as often as you need with no extra charges, using our easy payroll process.

Sync your team hours automatically ​
We summarize everything so you can review
Submit! Your teams' pay is on the way


of businesses say Workmax is easier to you than their previous software

5 Hours

Average time saved per month running payroll and HR after switching to Workmax

2 Weeks

Average time it takes to switch to Workmax (and often less).

Payroll taxes

Payroll taxes

Your payroll taxes filed automatically.

We don’t just calculate your taxes and national insurance contributions; we file and submit them to HMRC.

Confirm payroll with variance reporting

Compare earnings changes to previous pay periods. Get a payroll summary including final pay for employees, taxes for HMRC, and pension provider payments owed.

Accuracy and peace of mind

Auto-calculations for fewer mistakes

We keep track of the changes in tax laws and do the calculations for you.

No more forgotten RTI submissions

Workmax automates the submission of all your documents before the deadlines set by HMRC.


Minimum wage

Workmax will automatically verify compliance with National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage (NLW) regulations.

Holiday leave entitlements

We will also arrange for holiday leave entitlements for employees who are on zero-hour contracts.


Payroll analytics

Download payroll reports

Downloading payroll reports is crucial for efficient record-keeping and informed decision-making. Get your reports now to keep your business running smoothly.


Unlock business insights

We provide the necessary tools and resources to uncover valuable information to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take run payroll end-to-end via Workmax

Running payroll with Workmax is effortless. Our automated tools can complete payroll in under 5 minutes.

Which tax filings are automatically filed?

Workmax will send FPS on the scheduled payment date for each pay frequency.

How will payroll funds be sent to employees

Workmax offers two methods to transfer funds to employees Automated and Manual. With the our automated process employees will received funds within minutes of running payroll. The manual process involves downloading a payment file to submit to your banking portal.

Where's my data housed? How secure is Workmax

Workmax customer data is hosted in the United Kingdom We use a Zero Trust model to keep your data locked down at every level, and we take multiple measures to ensure it stays that way. Here are just some of the measures we take to prevent data leaks and unauthorised data access:

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