Run payroll

  1. Sign into your account as Workmax
  2. Go to the “Payroll” Section.
  3. Select the pay period you need to run and click “Run payroll”.
  4. Adjust hours and earnings – Click sync to sync pay items (timesheets, expenses, time-off requests, benefits, and attachment of earnings).
  5. Click the “Save & Continue” button.
  6. Review payroll summary.
  7. Click the “Save & Continue” button.
  8. Transfer funds – If you have set up Automated payments, you can transfer money to your virtual account. Workmax uses Plaid Virtual accounts to transfer money to employee’s bank accounts.
  9. Confirmation
  • Confirmation you did it! You will receive an email confirming your payroll will be processed.


Workmax will process your payroll.

  • Create an FPS – which will be submitted on the scheduled payday.
  • Mark all pay items as paid. (Timesheets, time off requests, benefits, expenses, and attachment of earnings)
  • Publish payslips – employees will be able to view payslips from the portal.
  • Create pension contribution files – to submit to your workplace pension provider.
  • Send payments to employee’s bank accounts.
  • Update employee’s year-to-date figures.
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